Yoga for Longitivity

“Yoga for Longitivity”

Dr SwapnaliDabholkar (UAE)
Ayurvedic Consultant/ Nutrition & Weight loss specialist (Gulf Medical)
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There are two types of ages perceived in human body, one Chronological Age or “Ayu” in Ayurveda, ( your date of birth) and second is how old we seem to be which is Biological Age also know as “Vaya”in Ayurveda

Biological age can be greater than the Chronological age. Often we are surprised to find people in their 30s look as if they are in their-40s or even more. Wonder why this happens, it’s because of unhealthy diet, sleep deprivation, sun exposure, changeable life style etc. All this contributes towards rapid aging. Almost 70 % of women suffer from early menopause now days. What can be done to stop this or slow down Biological Aging? The answer lies within our Ancient Science “Ayurveda “which comprises of ‘Yog by Patanjali’

Patanjali’’ was a saint who lived long before any invasion took place.
He was the one who documented the yogic knowledge from various practices in to eight steps in ”Yoga Sutra” and called it ‘Ashtanga yoga’,which is the great tool to help us record our progress in Yoga Practice. Ashtanga yoga includes Yama (self-restrain), Niyam (observance), Asana (body postures), Pranayama (disciplines of breath), Pratyahar (withdrawal of senses), Dhyan (meditation), Dharana ( self believes)and Samadhi (your true self). I will try and explain few below.

Practicing Yoga under the guidance of Yoga Masters is the precise way of doing it. It can be done at home without any tools. Start with Pranayam (Taking deep breaths) while you do concentrate on your breaths perform 5 mins daily followed by Kapalbhati (Forceful breath outs while giving abdominal strokes) for another 10 min and Anulom & Vilom is (Breathing with alternate nostrils with the use of thumb and middle fingure) for 10 mins. There are various yogic postures to give strength and flexibility to the muscles,like ‘Tadasana’ it’s done by standing on one leg while you fold your hands in namaskar pose hold it for a while. For total body relaxation there is Shavasana (Pretending to be like a dead body). While doing this you observe your heart beats, go deep within and relax for 20 mins. All these asanas and poses help towards healing and detoxification of your body so that we look more poised, young, healthy & glowing.

Your journey towards longitivity begins with ‘Yoga ‘and will surely decrease your biological age