Writer Guidelines

Guidelines for sending articles for REPORTher

  1. Articles are required to be sent in a [Microsoft] MS word file as an attachment Only.
  2. Keep the word limit of minimum 200 and maximum 350 words only. Articles with a large word count will not be considered.
  3. Kindly provide credits that you wish to display under your article

Example – Dr Pranali Patil
Credit:  nutrition expert & weight loss specialist

  1. Keep your articles short but interesting and make it your best written piece
  2. If you are sending photos matching your article, make sure that they are original or free from any ownership/ copyrights .If picture is copied from a free source, kindly mention the picture credits clearly.
  3. If one wishes to attach their personal/own photo, send it as a separate attachment for better clarity & resolution.
  4. By sending your articles, you give us full permission to publish it in our newspaper and also ensure that the article and photos sent by you are original and have not been copied from an existing writer or photographer’s library, the usage of which is protected by copyright laws.

*REPORTher would take no liability of pictures provided by authors.

  1. Last day for submission of articles would be 4th & 23rd of every month.
  2. Email articles to [email protected]
  3. Kindly mention email id & phone number so that our representatives can contact you when your articles are selected for publishing.
  4. New editions of REPORTher would be published and circulated online on 13th of every month.
  5. Kindly provide correct email address if u wish to receive the e-copy every month.
  6. REPORTher is a common person’s platform & thus we appreciate effort made by all new writers and would ensure it receives utmost reach, appreciation & coverage.

                   Let’s together make our pens mightier than swords!!!