Women Legal rights

Women Legal rights

Know your rights to protect “HER”(women)

Did u know?

A written complaint for an incident of HARASSMENT can be lodged via Email

If, for some reason, a woman can’t go to the police station, she can send a written complaint through an email or registered post addressed to a senior police officer of the level of Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner of Police. The officer then directs the SHO of the police station, of the area where the incident occurred, to conduct proper verification of the complainant and lodge an FIR. The police can then come over to the residence of the victim to take her statement.

• Women are entitle to free legal aid in cases of Rape

According to a Court ruling, whenever a rape is reported, the Station House Officer has to bring this to the notice of the State Legal Services Authority. The legal body then arranges for a lawyer for the victim. More often than not, survivors go to the police station unaccompanied by a lawyer to get their statement recorded, and they stand the risk of being misquoted or their statement being tampered with. The police may also treat the entire episode lightly and not lodge an FIR. So, it is necessary to have a lawyer with you while you lodge the FIR.