The Trauma of Periods!

The Trauma of Periods!

– Aditi Mahajan
Psychologist/Special educator

‘It’s that time of the month again’ is a thought that haunts most girls/women. Menstruation, Periods, Chums or just being down are several terms used for that cyclic thing that every teenage, adolescent girl and woman goes through every month and still people hitch to talk or discuss about it. It is a hush hush affair while silently the entire household is aware of it.

In many homes during this time of the month, girls/women are prohibited from entering the worship place, kitchen, and from touching almost everything as it becomes impure. This thought however seems very irrational when discussed. Most mothers and grandmothers train their daughters to not discuss this affair in front of fathers/brothers and other men. They are also instructed on to be in hiding so no one notices them. But why? There has never been a logical explanation to this.

Amidst all this, nobody ever thinks on how this affects the mental state of that girl/woman. These early experiences bring about hatred to this biological phenomenon that happens every month. The sight of the blood stain and changing sanitary pads becomes disgusting and aversive. As the date nears and you know it’s going to begin, one gets irritated and agitated. Now this is just a hormonal affect we are told, however I think it’s more than that.

Going through the societal trauma with this is not enough pain that one sometimes also goes through severe stomach cramps, vomiting, back ache and much more. The five days in a month are nothing less than torture and many young girls going through this detest it. It hampers one’s normal functioning for a week, every month.

This in turn leads to low self-confidence and many women hence are always in a shell. By being told things and giving this phenomena so many tags of do’s and don’ts it is difficult for the girl/ woman to even lead a normal life like a man does. This comparison leads to jealousy and frustrations and anger builds in. This is a very important factor in failing relationships too.

Thus, it is very important for one to be open and accept this as just a routine and not fuss so much over it. It is essential for parents to sensitize their children, both boys and girls, about it in a positive manner.