Spot reduction is a myth

Spot reduction is a myth

A popular fallacy has taken over the market of health and fitness. That is the myth about Spot Reduction. Cellulite gels, UV radiations, non surgical liposuction, tummy tucks, etc have set in a new trend in this generation. These deceptive marketing gimmicks attract you so much that you can shell out almost half or more from your income without getting any effective results.

What is Spot Reduction?

Spot reduction is the misconception that the area where maximum deposition of fat is accumulated, will reduce or will come in the shape as you want, by performing a particular exercise designed for that muscle (problem area), number of times e.g. If a male want to lose his tummy or wants six pack abs then he should be doing 100 crunches, if a women wants to lose her hips and thighs then she should walk more etc.

Problem Area

First and foremost, fat is distributed to the whole body. For some, fat accumulation is seen more in the one particular area or areas of the body like females are more prone to deposit fat in arms, hips and thighs where as males tend to accumulate more fat in the abdomen. This is known as Problem Area.

Surgical liposuction is the only way where you can have instant results in your problem areas but that too is temperory.

Muscle and fat are totally different cells

Muscles are responsible for contraction and relaxation, which gives movement to our body. That is, when you do crunches, you are contracting your abdominal muscles to push your head to touch your knees. Fat is a totally opposite of muscle. It is not attached to the muscles. It has no role to play when you are doing crunches or any other spot exercise. It just floats and dances with your movement without burning.

Understand that the problem areas are the first to appear in your body and last one to go

You are not the one who can decide from where to lose weight. You have to improve your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) to have maximum fat loss which can be achieved only by doing a combination of entire body weight training, cardio with balanced nutrition and rest and recovery.

Slowly and gradually you will start dropping your body fat and lastly you will see a difference in your problem area. It can take months or years but consistency in your well planed workouts is extremely important.

Magical Tip

• Get an expert guidance to make a sensible and logical workout plan for you.
• Spot reduction will never make you lose weight from the problem area. So stop stressing yourself.
• Work on maximum muscle fibres to raise your BMR. Improved BMR, slowly and steadily makes you burn fat.
• Support it with well planned diet plan with adequate protein, low GI, vitamins and minerals, essential fat and water.
• Do give rest to your body.