Pregnancy care from experience

Pregnancy care from experience

By- HimaniSingla
A new Mother & home-maker
Patiala, Punjab.

Well as we all know, every women seeks a healthy pregnancy. Here are a few tips from my personal experience

> Have at least 3 seasonal fruits a day

> Eat minimum of 3 vegetables a day which would include a lot of greens like Palak, broccoli, beans, methi, corridor, etc

> Veg soup, almond soup, clear soup and such many liquid diet can be added.

> Eat at least 6 soaked almonds a day

> One piece of coconut a day -it keeps your baby healthy

>To get natural vitamin D you can stand under sunlight during morning hour (9:00am-10:00am)

> Increase your diet from usual days

> Go for walk every-day after your doctor recommends.

> Can consume fresh juice as well, especially carrot & pomegranate juice would help increase your haemoglobin

> Totally a BIG NO to papaya, pineapple and chiku.

> You can have chinese food, if prepared at home but without aginomoto .

> Mothers to-be who face constipation issues can have one banana a day (big banana) do consult your doc as well

> You can also sit down on the floor or a low profiled mattresses to help normal delivery, mostly after you cross 4th month

> Mothers to-be who faces breast pain during nights can try wearing a loose bra to give support to the breast

> Don’t wear anything on your tummy once you know that you’re pregnant. Wear anything that is lower to your tummy

> Read good books like pregnancy related books, Bhagwat Gita, or any other novels that’s of your interest

These were a few tips from my experience . I hope all the mothers to be like this n enjoy your pregnancy. Wishing all the best ,to all the good mommies to be.