Our Rights

Our Rights

Teena Thankachan , thane

Remember all the boring Political Science lectures in schools, learning rights and duties by heart. We may find it boring but it’s important to know about laws that ensure gender equality. Women are more likely to be exploited than men. The following are some laws and rights that every woman should be aware about.

Through the maternitybenefit act every woman is entitled to 12weeks of leave. If you have completed 80days of work in an establishment in the last 12months before the expected date of delivery you are awarded with full pay.

When facing domesticviolence at night or in an emergency situation the protectionofficer and the serviceprovider who can be contacted and they will come to the place where the incident has occurred and record domesticincidentreport and present it immediately to the magistrate for an immediate order to make sure the woman is safe and violence is stopped.

Women cannot be arrested after sunset. During daytime a female officer must be present.

In case of rape police stations cannot deny taking your FIR by saying that it does not come under our jurisdiction. Also it’s better to file an FIR with your lawyer present.

Singing lewd songs directed at women in public spaces is considered as sexualharassment under IPC section 294. It is punishable with jail time, fine or both.

Every workplace must have internal complaints committee (ICC) constituted as per the sexualharassmentofwomenatworkplaceact2013.

These laws are meant to help us. But some women use these laws to exploit men. It’s easy to think that men have exploited us for long and now we should because the law allows us to. The people who think so forget history ,Remember Jyotibha Phule? Raja Ram Mohan Roy? These men have fought for our rights. Many still do. The war for gender equality can only be won if both the genders unite and work as one.