My fight with TB

My fight with TB

By: Minal Sameer Joshi
Profession- Microbiologist, Mumbai.

In today’s world, we are always concerned about professional life, career, success and enjoyment. We
don’t have time for our health. I am 30, Mumbai based girl, come from a well to do family, married,
Working and I am in a happy space. I am a microbiologist by profession.

In July 2014, I was diagnosed as a case of Multi drug resistant tuberculosis infection which was non-contagious. I used to have frequent bouts of vomiting, giddiness and unbearable headaches. Further tests indicated that it had spread in my brain.

Under the treatment of Dr. Ashok Mahashur from Hinduja hospital, I completed 20 months of treatment including heavy antibiotics and steroids (I swallowed approximately 6500 tablets and 150 injections). All thanks to Dr. Mahashur and my elder brother Dr. Manish Bhandare, that I got completely cured. In the process, I became irritated, short-tempered, gained 14kgs & looked my ugliest. My doctors, my parents, my in-laws, colleagues, relatives, friends and my husband were all there with me throughout this dark period of my life.

We have an impression that TB can be spread only by people living in lower strata of society, but it is
a myth. Anyone, whose immunity becomes low, becomes susceptible to TB. This dreadful disease is
spreading at an exponential rate. Major causes are increasing population, lack of hygiene at public places,
and most importantly discontinuing the treatment halfway by infected patients.

Through this article, I take an opportunity to inform everyone that Tuberculosis is curable. I urge everyone diagnosed with this infection to complete the course of treatment given by your specialist doctor. Today, I have understood importance of eating healthy and being physically fit. Never take your health for granted. Career and job are secondary things. First and foremost important thing is your health which we tend to ignore. I try to eat right things and work out. I have not reached my goal yet but I am halfway through.

I just want to let you know, if I can do it, you all surely can.