1. Is REPORTher a registered Newspaper?

Yes, REPORTher is registered with Registrar Of newspaper India sinceJuly 2015 for the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai.

2. What is motto of REPORTher?


3. Short description of REPORTher.






Through Health, Education & Reporting (for HER) Online & Offline.


4. How do we incorporate technology into REPORTher

Using Blogs, Facebook pages, twitter, you tube for content development, compilation and towards public reach are some of the basic initiatives taken by us towards setting up this Newspaper/Portal.


However with a support system in place, we are looking out for augmented reality, apps like ALIVE,to reach out to majority of underprivileged population thereby customizing local presence of the newspaper to cater to more specific people & opportunities .

5. What does social impact mean to us in REPORTher?

A social impact for us is “A realizable change in the lives of the targeted community, may it be physical, emotional or functional, to adapt to the comparatively better half of the community with respect to change in development rate of the overall community”.


As the name suggests ,REPORTher as a News/Views platform dedicated to HER(women) tries to bring about women from educated, affluent backgrounds to come together for development and up-liftment of the under-privileged, under-reported, deprived women from poor, weaker or rural sections of the society at local levels, by way of write-ups on skill development, health awareness, programs & seminars on mass learning [adult literacy]

It tries to bring together resources in the form of intellect, ideas, practical work hours and a conclusive report about actual work and future opportunities by way of this portal.

6. Who are the people most likely to benefit our product/process/service?

As the ancient proverb goes ,” The hands that rock the cradle rule the world”, REPORTher tries to maximize its reach to the last mile of a deprived women because that will ensure the future of human race in more credible hands.


Thus to say, this small initiative invites literary and practical contribution from men & women across the world to reach out to the female fraternity for her empowerment & enrichment in real sense.

7. What motivates us ?

The total woman population is around 49% of the world population out of which approximately 270 crore are women above 15 years of age. However of all the illiterate adults in the world, 2/3rd are women.

22% of the national parliamentary seats on an average are occupied by females. This vast contrast in the ratio of a house maker to national policy maker motivates me to take a step towards her overall participative involvement on glocal stage

8. On what sector(s) does our organization focus?


  • Healthcare
  • Sustainable Development
  • Inclusivity, Equality and Coexistence
  • Women and Girls
9. Who are eligible to write in this Newspaper?

This newspaper is for women from all walks of life. May it be a housewife, student, mother, retired etc.REPORTher is planned to connect all and take them forward with interesting articles & Activities.

Women from every field are welcomed to share their knowledge with our vast audience. Being a woman is the only power required to be associated with us.Not that we are against Men participation, but we wish to provide a step forward for women &give them their unique independent space.

10. What is the aim of various activities conducted under REPORTher?

REPORTher extends its work apart from newspaper to various community service and development projects.

With participation from our Volunteers, associates and partners, we aim to undertake projects which make a remarkable change in lives of the People.

Writer segment F&Q’s:

11. What’s the preferable language to send us Articles?

As priority, articles are preferred in ENGLISH. In exceptional circumstances, articles would be considered in Hindi as well (our translator would do the justice then). We believe an honest EFFORT by a new writer should never go waste, we genuinely wish to attract more and more voice of women to come forward through our newspaper.

12. Are there any charges/ fees for sending articles for REPORTher?

All articles sent to us are free of cost.

13. Would any advertisement be free?

No, marginal charges would be charged for commercial advertisements. Kindly Contact[email protected] to get the costlist

14. What are the guidelines / format/ instructions for sending articles?

kindly refer guidelines for sending REPORTher articles for complete details

15. Where are the writers of REPORTherlocated? Do they need to be from Maharashtra only

REPORTher have its writers spread all across India & also from 13 other countries as per our count till February 2016.

Business segment:

16. Can REPORTher have franchise & distributorship in other states in India?

Yes,REPORTher would surely welcome business partners to come forward and contact us for more details at our head office at [email protected]

17. What are the charges of the newspaper for bulk subscription?

Kindly provide your details in the subscribe section of REPORTher& our representatives would contact immediately with suitable information

For more information contact us at [email protected]