Are you an Ablanaari?

Are you an Ablanaari?

    -Trisha Patankar, Mumbai

The number of rapes,domestic violence cases are growing day by day and what are we doing to prevent it? Restricting ourselves? Restricting our clothing, reducing the amount of makeup we do, so as not to provoke potential rapists, our deadlines go down from 9 to 8 even 7 or 6 pm. But is locking yourselves up solving any problems? NO.Because the real culprits are still out there, vandalizing, if not you’re your bodies, surely your mind.

Why do we feel threatened all the time? Is it because nobody is doing anything to help, or because you are doing nothing to protect yourself? We can’t be dependent on someone all our lives, one day we will be alone, people will simply shrug their shoulders and say – it’s your fault, he is a man,strong ,etc but won’t help you.So you have to be strong financially,physically and mentally.

But men are so much stronger!

Do men go through the pain of menstruation or childbirth or the mental torture (for being a woman)we all face at some point in our life or even daily? You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.All these things are unavoidable at some point in life.But there are things that can be prevented and should be.

To be honest, you won’t become Jhansi ki rani in a day.But the real trick is you don’t have to be because strength lies not just in a “dhai kilo kahaath” but also how you use your brains in a state of panic.

Here’s what you do:
• Stay alert and focused.Analyse your strength as well as your opponents,realise your surrounding and act accordingly.
• Have a few self-defence tricks up your sleeve. Take them by surprise
• Arm yourself: Think of everyday things that can be used as weapons, you don’t need an AK 47 to protect yourself
• Physically train yourself.If coaching or classes are not possible, invest some time in you tube videos for defence tricks.
• These might or might not help you.But it’s always better to try than to cry.
• So don’t be aablanaari, be ABLE. Able, to be your own Hero!!!

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