About Us

Our Objective

  1. INSPIher
  2. EMPOWher
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  4. REPORTher

About Us

REPORTher is a newspaper by women and for women, with an aim to women empowerment and service to society .

REPORTher,a social in combination with media platform, is a newspaper , better stated & known as a Views-paper . This is planned to be India’s First only women newspaper where every aspect, interest & focus is determined towards women and their empowerment.

REPORTher is a vast social podium to bring together like-minded women from various fields of work and lifestyle, come together and voice out their concerns and work towards self-development & community development. This is the crux of our anthem [objective] INSPIher, EMPOWher, SUPPORTher & REPORTher.

REPORTher attained its registrations from Indian newspaper authority [RNI] in Mid July 2015. This social venture in its first quarter ie in September 2015 , gained international attention at FORBES INTERNATIONAL EVENT where this project was well appreciated & acknowledged  and since then there was no looking back in our progress.

With readerships, support and writers multiplying with our every monthly edition, our groundwork to build the reach and create a brand image for REPORTher is turning out to be beyond successful. Though we have started as a newspaper, the real plan of reach & service to society is beyond imagination.

Articles in REPORTher are written by women from different walks of life, may it be a housewife, single, business women, mother or a widow of any age group, REPORTher has its space equally for all. The passion to write and bring your voice noticed on any subject related to knowledge or concern, is all that is required to be a writer at REPORTher.

As the famous saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step”, we at Reportherhave taken our first step in empowering women and are happy to receive remarkable support and recognition from women across the globe. We look forward to your support.